• Elaborate everyday documentation

    A large part of the resources in outpatient care is bound in the form of documentation,
    so why is the focus not on people?

    Elaborate everyday documentation
  • Too little time!

    With classical effort there is less time for the patient
    and the risk of wrong treatments as well as mistakes
    of the specialists increases.

    servcare simplifies the administrative workload in nursing.

servcare - Service | Accounting | Optimization


Documentation in healthcare - a challenge for operators, caregivers & those to be cared for

Proof and documentation, e.g. in the form of the therapy plan, is a complex task
in the documentation of outpatient care facilities.

Especially small and medium-sized healthcare facilities have a proportionately high documentation effort.

The "Care Reorientation Act" and the "SIS - Debureaucratisation of Care" have created a legally binding basis
to simplify care documentation. Servcare is able to incorporate these regulations
into its solutions and thus to provide legally compliant documentation.

What are the benefits of the servcare solution?


Don't bother looking for information:
The information tracks your progress and is always available to you in real time.


The documentation is automated and prepared. Changes are adopted for all relevant places.


Under the strictest data protection rules, data is transferred automatically, thus ensuring faster and error-free accounting.

How does the servcare solution work?

Based on the German Care Realignment Act and the SIS, servcare provides an all-encompassing platform that emulates ongoing processes, makes them measurable and transparent, and networks the various participants in the care environment.

A real-time system refers to every change and makes it traceable for all involved parties. Spontaneous adaptations for all relevant participants can thus be mapped immediately. Our intelligent data evaluation and preparation offers completely new planning and evaluation options for the nursing facilities involved.

Nursing stations participating in the servcare program can manage their tour plans in an optimized way, replace heavy paper folders with mobile devices, relieve their employees of the burden of documentation and receive comprehensive technical support, e.g. for end devices provided.

servcare is not a simple provider of new software, but has made it its business to take over all kinds of processes that are not part of the core business of human care.



Core functions at a glance


Real-time features
for evaluation
and accounting


Grafik Übertragung

Direct transmission
into the system and
all relevant areas


Caregiver portal
for wards and
(new) employees

 Entlastung der Mitarbeiter

Reducing the workload
of the employees leads to
more time for maintenance

servcare ideal for...




Your benefits


Vorteil Less administrative work through automation and digitalization

Vorteil Faster billing methods through real-time data

Vorteil Expertise in complex billing issues

Vorteil Evaluations can be retrieved at any time


Vorteil Easy proof of quality management

Vorteil Automated ordering processes for suppliers

Vorteil Equipment without high investment costs

Vorteil The servcare network provides support in the event of spontaneous staff absences

Vorteil Easier to find new employees

Vorteil Improved contact with patients and their relatives

Vorteil Staffing and route planning is created according to patient needs


Vorteil Automated provision of tools and products

Vorteil Avoidance of incorrect orders

Vorteil Service for technical equipment provided

Vorteil Exchange between interest groups at servcare-Future Days

servcare benfits all.
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